Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa's Going Nome for the Holidays!

I entered this cake in the dessert competition for NSHC employees.  There were three categories: appearance, taste, and holiday...  each winner would receive $100 each.  I won for best appearance.

This cake took me a couple of days to make made mainly from fondant.  Bottom later was a spice cake with lemon butter cream frosting.  I used an igloo cake mold to make the igloo it was a gingerbread and yellow cake swirl also with lemon butter cream.

Here's Santa fishing he's caught a killer whale but doesn't realize it.  You can see the killer whale in the photo above.

See the metal rod in the back of Santa, the north star was on top of it.

Right behind Santa is another water hole with a seal stealing Santa's fish (a red salmon).  You can't tell in this photo but the seal even had whiskers that I made from fishing line.

Here we have the Welcome to Nome  sign and polar bear tracks leading to the back of the igloo.

Here's the polar bear with a little birdy sitting on top of her.  In the back of the igloo I even have a little outlet made from fondant to plug in the Christmas lights (not seen in this photo).

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