Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not in my nature...

Christmas was suppose to be simple and easy this year.  I told my sister that I was going to have the kids help and just do chocolate covered pretzels.  She knew better, I wouldn't be able to resist... simple and easy is just not in my nature.  So I made these beautiful chocolate pretzel rods which 1 out of 4 of my children helped  (I'm too much of a perfectionist and worry about messes they would make).  I also had help with my friend, Lauren, she was awesome.

I even brought out my Cricut Cake machine and used the Doodle Charm cartridge to make cute Santa, Rudolph, and Tree fondant cut outs.

Oh but I couldn't just stop here.  I decided to made homemade Hot chocolate mixes using Nestle rich chocolate mix, creamer, instant milk powder, powdered sugar, and cinnamon.  I wrapped individual servings in small cellophane bags, added a small bag of mini marshmallows, and a candy cane (sorry no picture).


I had to make these cute gingerbread houses that I found on pinterest...

Anyways, I can't take all the credit so go to this link to get instructions and patterns for this cute little house.

Simple and easy ;-)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nome Pioneer Christmas

I work for Norton Sound Health Corporation who was putting on a competition for departments to build a gingerbreadish structure as a department team.  We came up of with an early 1900's Nome, Alaska pioneer theme.  There were 6 departments in total that entered.  We by far won the competition.

From left to right here are some pictures of the structures:
The Dog house and dog named Nugget was created by Stephanie Fahey using gingerbread, pretzels, royal icing, and fondant.

The main house is made with gingerbread, pretzel sticks, chocolate rocks fondant, royal icing, and life cereal.  Rocks and pretzels arranged by Stephanie Fahey and myself (Kim), Roof tiles by Rhonda Schneider using Life cereal.  Gingerbread design and pattern was created and baked by Kim.

This is what you see when looking into the door of the main house.
A family on Christmas morning.

 Did you notice details? Bunny slippers.  Milk and cookies on a table made by Yorise Olson.  Family made by Kim, presents by Yorise, Christmas picture by Rhonda.  Candles by Kim.

 Bear rug made by Yorise using fruit leather and fondant; mistletoe by Kim; stockings by Stephanie; sofa chairs by Yorise; fire place by Kim and Yorise; and scriptures by Kim.

Not shown is a Christmas tree made by Kim with fondant and non-pariels. Various presents made by Yorise using food safe markers, fondant, and fruit leather for bows.

The next structure is the Food Cache made by Gerri Ongtowasruk and Karen Teesateskie.

Dog sled by Yorise Olson

Wyatt Earp Cabin made by Sean and Kim Knudsen using Pretzel rods and pretzel sticks for roof.

 Cabin entrance with gold pan with gold dust.  Used black fondant and edible gold luster dust.

 Looking through door entrance a framed painting of the Kiglauik mountains and a two drawer dresser with candle.

 Looking though right side window: Wyatt Earp's bed with quilted top.  A basket full of gold nuggets (chocolate gold rocks). Right window looks out to neighbor's house. Decor created by Kim. I want to live here :-)

Last but not least; Made by Trisha Walters an Outhouse where Wyatt is spending too much time in :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Butt Cake

I made this for my friend Lindsay's baby shower.  It's a carrot cake covered with cream cheese frosting and the butt is make with cake baked in a bowl.  Feet are made using store bought rice krispie treats covered in fondant.


Sean's 39th Birthday Cake

With the help of my new Cricut cake machine, that my husband bought me, I made him a cake. Not no ordinary cake... a cake pie.  Two layers: first layer marionberry pie baked in chocolate cake, second layer apple pie baked in spice cake and covered with cream cheese frosting.  Since his birthday was also on our church's Christmas party (a date he picked out)... the cake was a huge hit.

I forgot to mention that the Cricut cake machine was purchased on sale through original price is 399.99 and it was purchased for 75.99 not bad.  Shipping was $25.00 though.