Monday, November 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Bachlorette Cake

I had a co-worker who was getting married and we decided to have a small office party for her.  

 small chocolate cake covered in Fondant.  

I used this silicon cherry blossom mold from Wilton's which I purchase from Wal-Mart to make this cake.   Since the bird faces only in one direction I took off it's beak and added it to the otherside of it's head so that the birds would face each other.

May The Frosting Be With You- Star Wars Cake

Come with me and we can rule the birthday party together...

Luke, I am your cake topper! 

Not the best cake I've done... Life is what happened and I got busy but I thought I should post this anyways.  For my 4 year old twins... Aiden Luke and Reese Liam.  Cake toppers purchased from Wal-Mart bakery.
 These paper masks were a great addition to the party also purchased at Wal-Mart.
 I didn't prepare a head of time and had to make a last minute pinata.  Empty cereal box stuffed with Candy, glow stick swords, baloons, etc. Wrapped in blue tissue paper, taped on ribbon, and a Star Wars printed image taped on to the box.  It worked just like a pull string pinata and they loved it.