Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello Again Kitty

This is my second attempt at making a Hello Kitty cake at the request of a friend for her daughters birthday.  I like this one much better than the one I did two years ago.


I baked 3 layers using a 11x15 inch baking pan (1/3 sheet cake).  You could make a slightly smaller Hello Kitty and bake two layers using 9x13 pan.  
I used a Hello Kitty clip art as a template to cut out the cake shape.

For this particular cake I used 2 layers of Strawberry cake and the middle with Chocolate cake with Strawberrry Jam filling. Crumb coat a thin layer of butter cream frosting and then added rolled fondant. 

Bow, eyes, nose are all fondant.  Whiskers are toothpicks covered in fondant.  All are attached using corn syrup.

I didn't want them poking holes with candles into Hello Kitty's face so with my left over cake I made a small one.

Decorated with Wilton's Hello Kitty candles and cake rings which you can purchase through

Don't forget to purchase party favors...

Happy Birthday Cayli